Right from kindergarten age, I was taken for being a little boy – something I appreciated as I didn’t feel completely at home in the girls’ booth. It probably also influenced my hobbies and interests, which ranged from Batman action figures and cars to strength training, the martial arts Taekwondo and Crossfit.

At 14, I came out of the closet for myself and the following year the rest of the world had its turn.

In 2023 it was 20 years since I came out of the closet!

At high school, I studied general, economics and administrative subjects with psychology, English specialization, German specialization and Latin as extra subjects.

After the first year of high school, I went to Austria for a year in 2005/2006 where I studied music at a conservatory. It was absolutely magical! There were days filled with music, happy people, romance and lots of cool lessons ❤️ So my German is pretty good!


My shape in 2019 is the best I’ve been in. Want to get there again 💪🏽😎

Exercise and working out has always been a part of my everyday life. From the age of five, I was taken to the gym by my father and got all the exercises indoctrinated. I have been training Taekwondo and Crossfit for many years and have competed and won in both sports – super fun!

Now it’s mostly strength training and running that occupy my training time, and I think it’s absolutely fantastic to see my body build bigger and stronger little by little.


There are only 24 hours in a day, and as long as I have a steady job I have to go to and spend my best hours at, I make the most of the few hours that are left. Music, food, tiny houses and my beautiful lady are the highest priority.

I have played the guitar for over 20 years and find peace and inner joy by sitting and strumming, singing and digging the melodies that I don’t always control, but that the guitar decides for itself. Music magic 🪄❤️🎵

Piano, drums and ukulele are also instruments I enjoy playing 😎

There is little time to rest now that I am still at the start of the tiny house life, but there is so much exciting happening! Im’ so excited!


If there’s one thing I’ve really found immence joy in in the past year, it’s producing video! YouTube and Instagram Reels are what I will be doing actively in the future in addition to posting monthly entries here on the blog. And when I’m well into the film universe, I will use TikTok and what ever new platform there is!

The first milestone is (for those of you who know YouTube):

Getting 1000 subscribers on YouTube!

That day will be celebrated!


I could never have managed this whole tiny house adventure on my own! Many thanks to my sponsors, to my supportive friends and family and thanks to you guys who read and follow me ❤️