Without these wonderful, helpful and generous companies and people, my tiny house would never have turned out as spectacular as it has. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart ❤️

If you need anything for your home, IKEA is the place to go! Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, tables, chairs, speakers, napkins and all office equipment are at your fingertips – and speaking of which: Grab a hot cinnamon bun while you’re there!

Need cladding for your house? Whether it’s interior cladding or external, you should take a look at Bergene Holms beautiful collections before you decide.

Light creates atmosphere, which in turn creates emotions. Philips Hue offers light both indoors and outdoors, and in all shapes and forms. Everything can be controlled by mobile phone and voice.

Sponsor Etman

Here you get all your electrical equipment! Every home needs sockets, fuse boxes, wires, heating cables and a hundred other things. Take a trip to Etman – you can even get designer outlets there!

Your reliable electrician is never far away when you choose Bravida, which has offices all over Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. If you want quality as well, the choice is easy!

A smart home is also a safe home! Fibaro is the world leader in smart home products and has everything you need in terms of sensors and gadgets for a safe and fun home. Upgrade your home with the latest products for an automated home so you can relax.

When nature calls, but at the same time you want an economical, nature-preserving and mobile solution. Cinderella Combustion toilets are world class and offer both style, comfort and a good userexperience.

No one above and no one to the side! Tiny house builders (both with and without wheels)! Vestfold Minihus built my house, and there is so much precision and finesse and quality in everything they have done. There is no doubt who’s the king of the Norwegian tiny house game!

A proper home requires a properly smart door lock! Yale is top class and has all safety certificates in place. Unlock the door with a code, chip, timer or by approaching the house. Connect it to the house so that when you open the door, all the lights turn on!

Good, safe water heaters, pipe-in-pipe systems and radiant floor heating are Høyax’s areas of expertise. They are market leaders in their field, and can be found in thousands of homes – with good reason!

Need a lift? Big or small? These cool people even let a nun lift her convent into place! These guys take ALL assignments! Fast, skilled and fun guys – perfect package!

A good foundation, both in life and under your house, is extremely important! Large stones, small stones, sand, gravel and rubble. Everything you need to stand firm for many years, and if you want to expand your area, Skolt is a great choice!

As the name suggests, you get Max Floor here. Choose between real wooden floors, coverings, wall-to-wall carpets – and everything delivered straight to your home!

There is something a little mysterious about doors. Exterior doors, interior doors as well as sliding doors are all portals to the next part of your future. Have you thought about it that way? And that the outside of your front door is the first and last thing you see when you get home.

A solid, colorful and, moreover, Norwegian-made electric car charger at your service! It is powerful and suitable for all types of cars! It is also smart and charges your car when electricity prices are at their lowest.

A strong net can act as an extra floor, as a room divider, as a bed between the catamaran’s two bows. Make the most of the space by adding a net! Especially recommended in tiny houses to both keep the airy room, but at the same time get extra space to relax in.

When Danish design meets bathrooms, yes, of course we are talking about Dansani. Beautiful high quality furniture for your bathroom from natural materials in a comfortable looking Scandinavian style.

Everything, and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING you need for your cabin, can be found here! Water purification, outdoor furniture, solar panels, incineration toilets and gas appliances. Everything you need – in one place!

Are you renovating the bathroom? Kitchen? Do you want new countertops somewhere? Wall tiles? Check out Fibo! Here you get wall panels for both the kitchen and bathroom and wherever you want. In addition, you get countertops in exact dimensions!

I’m guessing you haven’t thought of all the uses for plexiglas. Plexiglas can be used as floor and steps as well as windows, splash walls in the kitchen and decor – and with LED lights, even! Take a look at their site and get inspired!


At ØS Varme you get heating cables for all purposes! Floor heating, frost protection, snow melting, concrete hardening and for vessels. Also heating cables for wet rooms. Stay warm!

Your local plumber in Moss, Vestby and the surrounding area! These guys are efficient, nice and reliable. It is good to have a permanent plumber you can trust and count on. These people are mine and I highly recommend them!