A new Tiny House Film Production Company!

What do you say?

Show off your house, tell your story and inspire others!

Mighty Mini Productions is a film production company with the goal of telling the hidden stories of the world. And the differences in societies are what drive us. Now Tiny Houses on Wheels has caught our eye and we want to show to the world how amazing they are in every way. We believe embracing them can be the reason for a happier life in general. Less house means more time and money to do what we truly love. And this is what we want to show to all of you.

The series is called Norways Rolling Homes and will be a super fun and entertaining series, and we are so proud of this inspiring project!

Cooperation with

Mighty Mini Productions and have joined forces and we are now looking for inspiring people to join. Recording starts in spring, and we need about four hours at your house .

Episodes will be released weekly on our YouTube channel later this year, so subscribe now to get noticed when the first episode is out!

To read more about this project, and possibly join, check out:

Mighty Mini Productions

We are now on Instagram!

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